Yearly Pest Control Services

Our yearly pest control service is one of the best pest control services around. We do things the old fashioned way, with a handshake and a smile. We are on time, effective and care about our pest services.

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Yearly Pest Control Services

We perform yearly pest control services for all homes and businesses located in Pasco, Pinellas, Hillsborough & Pinellas counties. We have a very strong customer base in these counties and would love to have you as part of the Ultimate Pest Family!

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Step One Yearly Pest Control

Step One: Booking & Scheduling

We set actual time appointments to fit your schedule. Not between 2:00 and 4:00 etc. When we come to your house we let you know exactly what we will be doing during our inspection. All moisture source areas are inspected. Under kitchen sinks, vanities, around water heaters. We are looking for any sign of insect activity. This includes droppings, or actual live insects. Openings are inspected. That is door thresholds around windows, pocket doors, spaces under baseboards. Your attic is inspected for any insect activity. If we find anything in your attic photos are taken because we certainly do not expect you to come up with us to look. Now we move outside. We check around the perimeter of the house, landscape ties. plant pots, shrubs, trees, and mulch beds. We also check your eaves and overhangs for wasps. We of course document our findings and go over them with you. At this point we will answer any questions you may have and go over a treatment strategy for what you do have and our preventative plan for what you don't. At this time the cost of service is determined. This is your total cost for a full year's pest coverage. There are no hidden charges, no call back fees. A date and time are set to perform the service.

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Step Two Yearly Pest Control

Step Two: We Perform The Pest Control Service

Perform the service- There are no open sprays inside your home. We remove all the accessible switch and plug covers, poke a small hole in the drywall and inject our dusting agent into the wall voids. We treat around all plumbing and water lines. We bait inside your cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms. We treat sink, tub, and shower drains. We treat any openings around and under windows, pocket doors, and door thresholds. Any spaces between carpeting and baseboards are also treated.

Garage and attic: In your garage the water lines from the water heater, laundry tub, and washer are treated. The perimeter of the garage is treated along the walls to the floor and the walls to the ceiling. Your attic is treated with our dusting agent.

Exterior treatment: The outside perimeter is swept free of any debris and webs. That means eaves and overhangs, around windows and doorways and ceilings of entry ways,also screen enclosures. Now the house is ready for the spray material to be applied. Three feet up the base of the house, all plant beds close to the house, eaves and overhangs, and screen enclosures. The last product put out is a granule bait. The granule is applied around the house and in all plant beds close to the house.

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Step Three Yearly Pest Control

Step Three: Followup's

Seven to ten days after the service is performed Ultimate will followup with a phone call to make sure every thing is under control. If live insect activity is still present a spot treatment will be scheduled to take care of any existing problem.

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Step Four Yearly Pest Control

Step Four: Re-Treat Barriers & Perimeter

Six month exterior application. In the sixth month of your service the exterior treatment is performed again. The reason we do this is to keep that exterior barrier strong. As you all know any pest that finds it's way inside starts from the outside somewhere. If you find any live activity inside your home before your scheduled six month treatment we want to know so we can take care of it. There is no charge for any unscheduled calls if any are needed.

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Step Four Yearly Pest Control

Step Five: You're The Happiest Customer EVER!

All thats left is for you to enjoy your PEST FREE home. We keep the bugs out year-round so you don't need to worry. If any surprise infestations happen, don't worry because service calls are FREE. Your family will be so happy because there will be no more yucky, nasty, creepy bugs in your home! Enjoy your pest-free life! Make sure you send us a Google review and tell the world how awesome our family owned & operated pest control company is!

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After a very careful review of pest control companies, I chose Ultimate Pest Control. I phoned Mike and he was very generous with his time and knowledge about my ant infestation. We set an appt, for which he was on time and very thorough. His service was outstanding and he stands behind his year guarantee as well. In addition, my family - including my dogs - felt very comfortable with having Mike in our home. I am sold for life on Ultimate Pest Control!!! Thank you for your service. 5.0 Rochelle Baccari 2014-08-06 Via Google Reviews